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        • 業務咨詢:0871-63104177
        • 微信服務:YNZLDK [輸入微信號關注]
        • 電話傳真:0871-63104177
        • 官方網址:http://www.zhao104.com
        • 聯系地址:昆明市人民東路93號省有色地質局附樓3- 4樓[電子地圖
        About Us
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        About Us

        Into the forestMicro messageID:ynzldkLin in Yunnan geological survey and Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is one of the comprehensive service enterprises China established earlier set investigation, design, construction in one, the company is located in Yunnan city of Kunming province.

        The quality of the professional

        Companies adhering to the "professional, high quality" service concept, is committed to engineering, civil engineering design, solid mineral exploration, mining, mineral processing design, comprehensive utilization of tailings and field, tries to make innovation and R & D technology, professional services and consulting the two main lines of business. Xiancai company, has established a perfect technology, high quality talent team. We adhere to the service as the foundation, take the quality as the life, take the good faith as the essence, continue to forge ahead, with more professional and high quality service to our customers.

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        版權所有 云南中林地質勘察設計有限公司 未經授權請、勿使用網站內容
        業務咨詢:0871-63104177 傳真:0871-63104177 地址:昆明市人民東路93號省有色地質局附樓4樓[電子地圖